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5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Status Updates

One of the best ways you can use social media to make your clients and prospects more aware of what you do is to continuously change your “status.”

Why? It certainly gives you audience quite a bit of insight into your knowledge about accounting, but it also helps position you as a content matter expert.

Updating a status is easy, but most accountants might not know what to say. Don’t talk about what you had for lunch or where you are going this afternoon. Instead, you can say quite a bit and position yourself as an expert if you stick to the following:

  1. Highlight an article you read and give the article URL.
  2. Do the same with a business book or someone you’ve heard speak.
  3. Discuss something related to your services, such as something on tax, but don’t boast about your tax services. Instead, make an observation about tax or provide some kind of info your audience can take away and use.
  4. Consider what’s timely, like Obamacare, for example.
  5. Retweet or repurpose someone else’s status posting – someone you admire or believe has information your followers will want to know about.

Here’s a bonus tip via Ragan Communications: Keep your update short—limiting your post to 50 characters could increase engagement by 28 percent.

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