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A First-Class View of the World

I just came back last night from the AICPA Advanced Personal Financial Planning Conference in Vegas (CPAs who also do financial planning – I am editor for their newsletter) and had the pleasure of sitting in First Class, thanks to my good friend Catherine who had first-class upgrades to use before they expired at the… Continue Reading

I Hear Fresh Laughter in the Rain

Today, I’m working from home and it’s one of those very-rainy days in Dallas. I hadn’t posted anything on my blog in quite a bit of time, so I thought I’d spend a few minutes telling you about how the year has gone so far. No witty observations about communications or marketing, just an update… Continue Reading

Getting Away With Fraud – I’m Mad!

Nowadays, it seems that everywhere you turn, someone is trying to get away with something illegal. As a society, how did we get here? I realize fraud has been around for centuries – and probably since the cave man. Lately, it seems fraud is everywhere. Just this morning, I saw a story on CBS Sunday… Continue Reading

Reading is Fundamental if You Want to Write

In his book, On Writing, Stephen King provides quite a bit of food for thought about the subject of writing, reading and words in general. I was reminded just this morning how influential King has been in my life, and in my writing, by a colleague on Facebook who wanted to know what everyone was… Continue Reading

Finding Time To Blog …

Sometimes I feel just the shoemaker and his children who go without shoes because he’s too busy taking orders for everyone else’s shoes. Sure, I have downtime just like everyone else, but I often find myself NOT doing anything that is work-related, such as reading a book or watching TV – again, just like everyone… Continue Reading

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