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Benefits of Facebook Groups: An Interview Seth David & Stacy Kildal

Facebook groups are plentiful, especially those focusing on accounting, QuickBooks and related issues … so why create a new Facebook group, “Between Wall and Main,” and what are the benefits to members and the administrators? I recently sat down with Seth David and Stacy Kildal to discuss these topics and much more. Click here to… Continue Reading

5 Strategies for the Younger Generation to Grow and Succeed

After getting inspired from Solution14 keynote speaker Susan Solovic who spoke about marketing and branding, it became apparent just how many opportunities the younger generation has to reach growth and success at their firms or companies. Here’s my take on 5 strategies for the younger generation to grow and succeed: Failure is Okay Bill Gates… Continue Reading

Five Secrets to Social Media Success for Accountants

I have a lot of clients, associates, and friends who think I’m a social media whiz. They regularly call or write asking for what they think is sage advice on how to make more of an impact on Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Pinterest, and several other social media applications. My response? I consider myself fortunate that I’m thought of as… Continue Reading

Social Media ROI: Why Does it Matter?

Accountants love numbers and they love results, but what they don’t like is the inability to gain any kind of ROI or return on investment for marketing and public relations activities. In today’s competitive marketplace, sticking your head in the sand isn’t the answer, especially when it comes to participating in social media. Accountants who… Continue Reading

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