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Mommy Blogs are Influential to Build a Brand

An article about Mommy Blogs in yesterday’s New York Times was very interesting – and timely.

Last month, I attended the Ragan Communications’ Social Media for Communicators Conference, and one of the sessions was on “Mommy Blogs.” For those who may not know what a Mommy blog is, it’s a grassroots effort by stay-at-home Moms who blog about causes, products, services and anything else related to raising children.

Sounds pretty tame, right? Wrong! There are national Mommy Blog conferences, local meetings, coffee groups and much, much more – and thanks to this effort, hundreds of vendors woke up and smelled the coffee brewing. These vendors are now paying special attention to these voices because they are deemed extremely important to the marketing and sales of a product or service.

Think about it. Who would you trust if you were a soccer Mom? The corporate giant telling you about a product, or a demographically similar Mom-entity who has been there and done that.

In the next few years, it will be even more interesting to me to see if Mommy Blogs are somehow taken over by corporate entities. After all, how do we know who is really blogging?

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