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3 Ways to Find Clients During Tax Season

Although it might seem a little late in the season to blog about finding clients, there are still 3 full weeks left until April 15, but even if you can’t seem to find the time to try some of these suggestions this year, you can use them any time of the year and even into next January-April.

Start with this idea: The best time to market yourself is when you’re the busiest because you feel good about the work you’re doing – you’re spending time helping clients and that should make you feel good about your work. So, the idea is to find clients during busy season by putting your good work to good use and carving out the time on what seems to be a non-billable activity.

I’m not suggesting you spend hours and hours doing this, but if you can take as little as 30 minutes during the day to spend on these kinds of activities, then you’ve made some great strides.

Here are 3 suggestions on how to find clients during busy season:

  1. Ask a client for a referral. This is as simple as saying, “Now that we’re doing with your taxes, I’d like you to think about one of your colleagues or friends I can also help at some time in the future.” If your client is happy with your work, he or she will help you find more clients.
  2. Spend time on social media. Just because it’s busy season doesn’t mean you hibernate until after April 15. Continue to be active on social media and provide something you can share with your followers.This visibility will help heighten awareness.
  3. Take a client to lunch and discuss business. During busy season, you’re asking (and probably gasping)? Sure, why not? You eat lunch every day, right? Do you work through lunch every day? Perhaps, but once a week take a client to lunch just to talk about business in general. Exchange ideas and remember that your client is looking for referrals as well, so find out what kinds of prospects he or she is looking for.

There are more ideas, of course, but I know your time is limited, especially at this time of the year. If you do nothing else, try at least one of these ideas one or two times over the next 3 weeks. Good luck!

Note: This posting origainlly ran on AccountingWeb.

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