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I’m a Maverick Leader: What Does That Mean?

I recently returned from the AICPA’s TECH+/Practitioner Symposium with quite a bit of info I will certainly write about in the next several months. First, however, I want to focus on the first day’s keynote session presented by Sally Hogshead, “FASCINATE: How to Persuade and Influence.”

The session focused on personality types and how we can use the knowledge of ourselves and others to achieve our goals; in the case of this conference, the goal was to help CPAs and accountants increase their retention and recruitment efforts.

Prior to the conference, all attendees were asked to complete an online survey. Based on my responses, I was classified as a “Maverick Leader,” with “Rebellion” and “Power” as my primary motivators. According to Sally’s survey, I am pioneering, irreverent and entrepreneurial. Other adjective given to me were edgy, independent and unpredictable. I converted my findings into an HTML Web page in case you want to look at it.

I agree with this, for the most part, but still unsure how others see me. During the session, it occurred to me that this system is similar to DISC and Myers-Briggs, just said another way. I guess, however, regardless what kind of label you put on this process, it’s important to know who you are so you can improve the way you interrelate with others.

I wish more professionals at the conference had taken the survey. It was easy to see from the audience’s attention who took it and who dismissed it as yet another opening-conference-motivating talk. CPAs need this!

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