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5 Strategies for the Younger Generation to Grow and Succeed

After getting inspired from Solution14 keynote speaker Susan Solovic who spoke about marketing and branding, it became apparent just how many opportunities the younger generation has to reach growth and success at their firms or companies.

Here’s my take on 5 strategies for the younger generation to grow and succeed:

Failure is Okay

Bill Gates calls failure “research.” Everyone is going to fail sometime, but it’s about what you learn from those failures, and what you put into action as a result, that makes you more productive and successful.

Employers are looking for people who can help them grow their business, and not just another warm body in a chair. Are you “the” person to help them grow their business? These firms and companies are looking for the best and the brightest, bringing skills to the table that they don’t already have. Be innovative, focus on what you can do, and be willing to take risks and seize opportunities. You must stand out, work within your capabilities, and be original enough to add growth and value!

Millennials Mark

In an ever-changing work world, employers need more and more people to work anywhere, at any time. Now more than ever, companies are able to build their businesses through crowdsourcing, allowing them to get the talent they need when they need it. This is a great opportunity for Millennials to contribute immediately from a technological device hundreds of miles away, at their own comfort level. You may just be another face or even a name, but as long as you are great, it doesn’t matter; you are proving your worth and building relationships and a stronger portfolio.

Redefining Business

It simply isn’t enough to follow the status quo. You must go a step further and think outside the box to display all you can offer to your boss or team. Look for opportunities to deliver products and services in a unique way. For example, practice collaboration. You can have customers come in for a haircut and get 20% off on their next oil change. Don’t rule out what you can do with your competitors. Perhaps, putting together both of your ideas can create a highly successful result, and add to the value of marketing as a team.

Social Media Powerhouse

As Susan discussed, social media is a powerhouse for getting others to notice that you’re “it” – a credible go-to source in your industry. As a member of the younger generation, you are adept at social media, a skill many firms and companies need more of. Moreover, you can stand out by being active on social media, even if you can’t seem to find measurable results. As long as you are putting yourself in the right groups and forums, as well as surrounding yourself around the right people (or friends), you will get noticed for your active participation in social media.

Achieve Outrageous Success

As Susan’s website will tell you, “Success isn’t built overnight and “Outrageous Success” isn’t one single achievement. Set your goals high and then let your intention be known. Don’t be shy. Take action.”

It is important to know that this will take time, and some times, it is impossible to predict the future. All you can do is work hard at something you are strong and skillful in. As Susan said, “Each single step taken with commitment and integrity gets you closer to your big vision. No one is a throw-away person in this world.  We all have unique gifts and qualities.”

Susan’s words and experiences provide great insight into what it will take for the younger generation to succeed. But, without your energy, work ethic, forward-thinking and focus, your vision and success may not be noticed or reached. As she puts it, your “riches are in your niches.” Stick with what you do well and be a jet-setter, adding value and being “the” person to take an employer’s company to the next level.

Note: This blog post originally appeared on Sleeter’s Accounting and Beyond blog.

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