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AICPA Should Continue Top Technologies Program

Recently, there’s been some press regarding the possible demise of the American Institute of CPA’s Top Technologies Program. This is the annual list of the most important technology issues affecting the accounting profession in the next 12-18 months. Put another way, the list helps managing partners and their staffs in firms have a handle on what kinds of technologies they ought to be using and discussing with clients.

I was involved in the Top Tech program for many years and even co-authored two books on the topic. I participated all the way back when the discussion and voting was held at the University of Arizona’s computer lab in Tucson to what eventually became an online voting site. Now, the AICPA is considering doing away with the program – or possibly morphing it into something else.

In its heyday, Top Tech results were hotly anticipated by the accounting profession and accounting media because the information really wasn’t available anywhere else. Now, most technology sources have similar information. The difference between AICPA’s program and others, however, rests with the fact that Top Techs is accounting-based, not technology-based … and THAT’S a huge difference.

I urge AICPA to reconsider Top Techs. It’s good for the profession and good for AICPA.

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