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Apple iPad Debuts – Of Course, I’ll Buy It

As if there were ever a question … of course I’ll buy the new Apple iPad, launched today by Steve Jobs.

My Hero, Steve Jobs

The only question I have is “when” I’ll buy it. I already own an iPhone, a MacBook Pro and an iPod that is really, really old, but still works. I’m not an early adopter by any means; in fact, I didn’t switch from PC to Mac until December 2008 when I finally had it with PC viruses and slow operating systems.

However, Mac users and owners are technology zealots. We’ll buy the latest thing because we know it’s going to be good. So far, Apple hasn’t let me down.

What I find curious is another exclusive contract with AT&T for service. I am also an AT&T zealot – and even a stockholder. However, with all the buzz about trying to open up providers for the iPhone to Verizon and Sprint, I am really surprised that Apple chose AT&T. Must be some kind of contract!

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  1. You have a birthday later this year…perhaps you should have the iPad on your wish list…

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