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Avoiding Bag Fees is a Nightmare for Other Passengers

I recently took my son to Las Vegas for his 21st birthday. We had an awesome time – and as anyone knows, my glass is always half full.

Houston, we have a problem … baggage handling fees are causing all sorts of sane people to act crazy. I see no end in sight.

An article in USA Today addresses the issue quite well, and while the article provided me fodder for my blog, I can share a few experiences that truly made the problem larger than life.

First, let’s address the story of the overstuffed bag. In an effort to avoid paying $25 for the first checked bag on American Airlines, a woman sitting opposite my row tried to cram a much-too-large bag in the overhead compartment. Comical, yes … but also unnerving.

Second, there’s the tale of the large lady who put her legs around her bag to keep it from being noticed. There was no way she was going to put the bag overhead, so she had it situated in front of her, on the floor, with her skirt and legs wrapped around it. If the flight attendant had seen it, she would have insisted it go under the seat in front of the lady or be checked. Neither happened.

I guess my frustration is with the airline more so than the passengers because American gate attendants did not notice the size of these bags.

Southwest Airlines doesn’t charge for bags. Can’t other airlines understand the flight risk associated with consumers trying to save money?

Just like my one-man-campaign against serving broccoli on any dinner plate, I am starting my one-man-campaign to pack lighter in an attempt for all of our considerations.

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