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Lane Gorman Trubitt Offers QuickBooks’ Shortcuts

I’m an avid user of QuickBooks – and I think many of my colleagues are  as well. That’s why I was really pleased to see Lane Gorman Trubitt come out with “Helpful Tips for QuickBooks Software” in the CPA firm’s latest newsletter, LGT Financial Focus.

Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Ctrl+A – Chart of Accounts
  • Ctrl+F – Find Window
  • Ctrl+W – Write Checks Form
  • Ctrl+I – Create Invoice Form
  • Ctrl+T – Memorized Transactions List

The following are keyboard shortcuts that only work when your cursor is in a date field.

  • T – Today
  • + – Advances one day at a time
  • – – Moves back one day at a time
  • M – The beginning of the month
  • H – The end of the month
  • Y – The beginning of the year
  • R – The end of the year

Finding Related Transactions

When looking for records that pertain to any specific transaction such as related deposits, payments applied to an invoice or a check that pays a bill, simply open the transaction in question and click the “History” button or Ctrl+H on your keyboard. This will open a window with a list of all transactions related to the initial query.

Adding Filters Before Generating Reports

When running reports in QuickBooks you can save yourself a considerable amount of time by applying filters before generating your reports by selecting “Preferences” from your “Edit” menu. Once in “Preferences”, choose the “Reports & Graphs” option. Under the “My Preferences” tab, click the checkbox that says “Prompt me to modify report options before opening a report”. This will allow to set your filters before QuickBooks takes time generating a report with information you don’t need.

Moving Report Columns

You’d be surprised how many users don’t realize they can move columns in a generated QuickBooks report. Once the report has been generated, simply move your cursor to the heading of the column you would like to move. You cursor will change to a hand. Hold down the ‘left click’ button on your mouse and drag the column where you would like to drop it. When you see a red arrow appear between the columns, release your ‘left click’ button and the column will be inserted in its new position.

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