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Bank of America Rocks – and It’s All About Relationships

I posted a status update on Facebook, and several people asked me to elaborate on my posting about Bank of America.

In short, I’ll never switch to another bank unless BOA folds, which isn’t likely.

I think banks should be all about customer service. Let’s face facts: most everyone’s banking relationship is based on checking and savings, and interest rates on personal checking accounts are never going to be stellar, so why do you do business with a bank?

Convenience, yes. ATM access, yes … but I think it’s also about the relationship. I am a relationship kind of guy, and I value the relationships that bring me as much as I bring them.

Yesterday at the BOA drive thru in Preston Royal/Dallas, barely making their 3 p.m. close time on Saturday, I deposited a check from a client. I fully admit I needed access to that money by Monday morning, but because I deposited on a weekend day, it would not be available to me until Tuesday at 12:01 a.m.

I asked the teller, “Scott,” if there were any options. He thought for a moment, then offered that I could cash the check and then make the deposit into my account. He also said he’d have to get his manager to help.

I think my situation was helped by the fact that I had my adorable Wire-Hair Terrier in my lap (Bailey), who knows that when we go to the banking drive thru window, he’ll get a treat from the teller. He looks longingly into the teller’s eyes, and poof! He gets a treat.

I also think it helped that I am somewhat patient. In fact, when the manager came to help Scott with the transaction, she smiled and said hello. I knew her from previous transactions.

Once the deposit was complete, this is what blew me away. She told me that it was so gratifying that I was so nice! Who knew that a little kindness could go a long way?

Don’t get me wrong; I’ve had run-in incidents with BOA before and they weren’t pleasant. There was the time no one was available to let me into my safety deposit box because the only person with the key was out to lunch. Then there was the time the ATM took my card for on reason.

We all have stories like this when it comes to banks … but a little two-way communications goes a long way with me … and it’s because of Scott and his manager’s attitude (sorry, I don’t know her name), I’ll be a BOA customer for life.

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  1. Being kind in daily details can make a huge impact on a lot more than the immediate transaction. I’m betting those employees were still smiling and feeling good when they dealt with their next customers and carried those good vibes throughout the afternoon. So think about it — if you snarl at a cashier in the grocery store, every person who comes after you is going to get the aftermath of that snarl. If you smile and treat the cashier with kindness, every person after you is going to get the benefit of it (at least until some jerk poisons things down the line.) Energy begets energy. I’m delighted to hear about your experience, but don’t undersell the role you played in this scenario!!

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