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Is the Next PR Opportunity on Your Radar?

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“Radar” is a very interesting thing. When something or someone is on your “radar,” you are much more likely to encounter that something or someone in your daily life. For example, if you begin to think more about a certain topic in accounting, it’s quite likely you’ll see this topic right before your eyes. This kind of thinking sort of raises our visibility.

I think the same concept holds true for public relations. If a firm adjusts its radar to think more about public relations’ opportunities – and I mean the ENTIRE firm – then it’s highly likely that the firm will not only more easily find opportunities to tell its story, but the opportunities will actually find them.

Andrew Poulos

Recently, I made a new friend, Andrew Poulos, an enrolled agent who has his own firm in Atlanta, Poulos Accounting and Consulting, Inc. Andrew came to me purely via Twitter (yes, Twitter does help you develop relationships) and we became acquainted with one another. I soon found out Andrew just recently published a DVD Series called, “Quickbooks Ultimate Lesson Guide 2011.”

Turns out Andrew does know something about public relations, but bounced several ideas off of me as a sounding board. My point in drawing this back to my topic at hand – being on the radar – was clearly evident during our conversations. Even though his distributor was making its own effort at getting the word out, Andrew wanted to do the same. He even commented to me how much more aware he was of PR because of the DVD series than he was before. As a result, he has found, and is still seeking, PR opportunities to spread the word about the series.

PR is now on his radar, and although his radar was always tuned in to publicizing his firm’s services, it is even sharper now. Perhaps it’s because he now has a “product” to sell versus a “service.” Still, I wish more accounting firms would get their radar tuned in to PR opportunities. It would make a huge difference in their efforts to retain and recruit clients.

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  1. Andrew had a great sense of PR, but working with him on marketing his brand for the DVD has been a great experience for the both of us. There’s a lot to learn in terms of what one needs to do to push their brand and we have the great opportunity to learn from each other and share experiences.

    There’s something to be said for the company that can enter a new market and take root there to build their brand/service and I agree 100% that this needs to be on your radar as the owner of a company and Andrew is a great model.

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