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Volunteer Your Time – It’s Worth It

I’m writing this post fresh off my twice-monthly meal delivery to seniors for the  Jewish Family Service in Dallas. I’m inspired each time I deliver meals and wanted to share some thoughts about volunteerism.

It’s key to find something that truly makes a difference in someone’s life. Sure, there are lots of volunteer opportunities with symphony boards, for example, but unless the symphony has something like a young artists program, this kind of volunteer effort may not be as meaningful.

Volunteering is a great way to spread your wings in areas outside your comfort zone. When most of my Marcom friends – me included – volunteer for organizations, we’re drafted into roles that closely mirror our expertise. That’s OK, of course, but if want to develop your financial skills, for example, then volunteer for a finance committee.

Lower your expectations. Don’t expect leads or referrals for your business. That could happen, of course – and often does – but don’t volunteer your time just as a way of building your business.

What is your advice? Share some stories and let’s start a conversation.

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