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Social Media at N. Dakota Dept of Commerce Soars!

I recently helped Sandra McMerty, Marketing and Communications coordinator for the North Dakota Department of Commerce, with a special event in Dallas. Sandy is here for a Wind Energy Conference and is holding a reception to attract business partners to the state.

Sandy is dynamic in every way possible – and is extremely knowledgeable about using social media to build buzz for her organization’s activities. I’m not really that well versed in how adept governmental organizations are with social media, but Sandy could be the poster child for this. In fact, any organization can learn something from Sandy.

I love the way she uses social media to spread the word about doing business in North Dakota and experiencing the state in very way possible. Sandy’s agency is on Facebook and Twitter, has a blog, maintains a LinkedIn group for North Dakota Ambassadors, and also has a presence on YouTube with a dedicated channel.

Check out these links; I think anyone can learn a great deal from the way Sandy integrates her messages via social media.

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  1. Big thanks back to you Scott for all your help. Cytron and Company was a great help to us in coordinating the details to make sure our event in Dallas is a top-notch affair. You are an organizing guru, and that’s a compliment coming from someone who resembles that remark!

    Great work and North Dakota highly recommends you and what you do!

  2. Sandy is indeed a social media guru, and the ND Department of Commerce is head and shoulders above any other government agency I know of. North Dakota is lucky to have her!

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