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Weinstein, Gurriel and Other Observations

There are a lot of things I understand and a lot of things I don’t.

I understand World Kindness Day. I understand a warm puppy who only wants to love you. I understand  fantastic sunsets on Coffee Pot Rock in Sedona.

I don’t understand hate, poor judgment or looking the other way.

I thought we were seemingly past the headlines surrounding Harvey Weinstein, but just this morning I read about New Orleans Chef John Besh stepping down from his own company after 25 allegations of sexual harassment. What occurred with Weinstein started a firestorm of one headline after another that are just plain ugly.

What gives anyone the right to harass a woman – or a man for that matter? Nothing. Period. What causes someone to act like this? Can we blame it on their mother, the environment or just a bad decision? Among others, one good thing the Weinstein matter brought to light is that no one should ensure this kind of pain.

Then there’s the more recent case of Houston Astros’ Yuli Gurriel who made a racial gesture toward Yu Darvish during the World Series. Ballplayers dream their entire life of going to the World Series – and here comes along Gurriel who bloodied an otherwise terrific game for Astros’ fans. Gosh knows Houston needs some positive things to happen for them.

So, instead of getting suspended for the World Series, he’s going to sit out for five games next season. Now, I know this isn’t news for anyone reading this, but I’m still stunned by the fact that those in charge hold sports players to a lesser standard than others committing similar or even worse offenses.

As I sit here amazed at what’s happening around us, I go back to how I began this blog. I’m not all about rainbows and unicorns, but let’s at least try to be kinder and more considerate to one another. I’m optimistic. Enough said.

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