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Which Social Media is Right for Accounting Firms?

When I educate CPAs and accountants on social media marketing, I get two questions more often than any others. First, which application they should be on, and second, how they operate or participate in social media to get results. Both are simple-enough questions, but kind of hard to answer without spending some time analyzing what… Continue Reading

Five Secrets to Social Media Success for Accountants

I have a lot of clients, associates, and friends who think I’m a social media whiz. They regularly call or write asking for what they think is sage advice on how to make more of an impact on Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn, Pinterest, and several other social media applications. My response? I consider myself fortunate that I’m thought of as… Continue Reading

Do You Have a Book in You?

Yesterday, I had a call with a prospect who wanted to talk about the value of public relations in their company and what it was going to take to achieve their goals. It seems they recently interviewed a PR firm whose primary strategy was for the CEO to write a book; once the book was… Continue Reading

The One Thing All Great PR Programs Share

Great PR programs are created to accomplish 3 simple goals: improve your reputation, ensure loyal clients and customers, and increase your bottom line. I’d like to say it’s more complicated than that, but it really isn’t. Yet, when you break this down, what is the one thing all great PR programs share? They all find… Continue Reading

It’s Time to Pay More Attention to Your Clients

Today was the first day of the Sleeter Accounting Solutions Conference, and if there was one theme that kept coming up again and again, it was a focus on the “client.” From Doug Sleeter’s opening keynote to individual sessions throughout the day, the key message was that accountants need to pay more attention to their… Continue Reading

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